My Three Sons 12x25

A Thanksgiving Reunion with The Partridge Family and My Three Sons

This would be the only time that the surviving Cast members get together to celebrate the series which includes fondly remembered clips and an update of what they were doing in 1977 when it first aired as part of the “”ABC Reunion”” – and this was five years after “”My Three Sons”” had ceased production as a TV series. In a joint effort with the cast of the popular Screen Gems comedy series “”The Partridge Family””, which ran from 1970-74, the special was a one-off retrospective that was recieved well, but is now considered something of an oddity 25+ years later.

The special was produced by Dick Clark Productions in association with Don Fedderson. The Executive Producer was Dick Clark, and the special was Produced by Al Schwartz with John Rea acting as Associate Producer. The program was videotaped at the ABC Television Center in Hollywood.

The program starts with Fred MacMurray walking up to the Douglases Bryant Park home as it looked at the time of this special. Then there is opening

Nov. 25, 1977

My Three Sons season 12